John Morgan is organising the first Pub O’clock Quiz which will be held on Monday 4th May at 8pm at the ‘Stay Inn’.  This is an adult pub quiz and as such I ask that the youngsters not be around for this quiz although I will endeavour not to make the questions too fruity.  You can join in the quiz wherever you are in the world.

We will try some family centred quizzes once we have worked out how well this platform works.  Please be very patient with this first quiz because it’s a bit of an experiment.

To participate please email from a Gmail email address as we are using Google hangouts to host the event.  Get you free Gmail address here – if you have issues creating a Gmail address please email me.  You will also need to be running Chrome as your web browser get it here  There is a version for all of the commonly used operating systems Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Google’s Android OS, Apple macOS and my favourite Linux Operating Systems.  Take note there might be question about ‘favourite Linux Operating System’.

It is advisable that you test Google Hangouts once you have it installed.  You will of course need to do this on a computer that has a webcam, microphone and audio and tests each of those elements in turn.

If you’d like to take part please email and I will register you for the quiz which we envisage starting at 8:00 PM on Monday the 4th of May and take a couple of hours.  Please try and register by Midday on the Monday.  I am not too sure how many people this platform can support but we will give it a whirl – so its first come first served.


The quiz will take place over 9 rounds.

You will have an editable file emailed to you for each round – this will be in all the common document formats you can choose which one you prefer so you will be able to fill in your answers on the sheet provided and email it back to myself, quiz master at the end of each round.

Quiz teams can be up to eight members, I might allow nine at a push.  There will be a handicap system to ensure that smaller teams are not at such a disadvantage.

Teams members maybe at more than one site and all team members are welcome to join the Google hang out for the duration of the quiz.  I suggest that team members on more than one site communicate with WhatsApp or a similar messaging system.  One person per team to be responsible for filling in a quiz sheet and returning it to me.  There will be a Pitstop for drinks and comfort breaks at the end of each round to enable me to mark the answers.

The handicapping system will work in the following way.  Teams with one or two members will receive 3 jokers, teams with three to five members will receive two jokers and teams with six or more members will receive one Joker.  Of the nine rounds one will be a ‘bang and bust’ final round on which a Joker cannot be played.  One of the rounds will be a picture round on which the Joker cannot be played.  Of the remaining Seven rounds the teams are required to say which rounds they wish to play their jokers on at the beginning of the quiz.  The themes for those Seven rounds will be announced at the beginning off the quiz.  Once teams have declared where they want to play their Joker/s they cannot change once the quiz has started.  A joker will double the number of points received in a round, however if your team comes last or equal last you will receive no points at all.

There will be no fee for entry to this first quiz we will find some modest prizes.

The main prize will be your own Kudos.   We all know how clever Google is and I don’t want to know how good you are at retrieving information from her.  If I feel a team is particularly taking the Mick then I reserve the right to disqualify them.  The bang and bust last round will be explained on the evening but this gives the opportunity for teams who are lagging behind to gamble everything to win.

Get a great big pile of booze and grub in and let us have a lovely evening together.