Welshpool Community Angels have been amazed by the generosity of people and charities and have a been given a huge amount of food stuff and money a breakdown is here.  The £5,400 in monies that we have received is being put to work.  £1,000 has been given to help support the Meals on Wheels service as this has expanded hugely since the lockdown.  This is the main source of a hot meal for a lot of elderly, disabled or just shielding people.  The food stuffs donated has been either used by the Meals on Wheels service or distributed to shielding individuals.  The Meals on Wheels service is now running five days a week and is delivering up to 250 meals per week up from around 30 prior to the lockdown.  We are grateful not only to those who have donated goods and money but the army of volunteers that have come forward to assist as well as the staff of Welshpool Town council. Parcels of essential non-perishable food and other essential necessaries will be delivered in the come weeks.  We are grateful for the assistance of Powys County Council officers in contacting people who may be in need and identifying those who need a little extra help.